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Specialize in mechanical processing by high technologies- CNC-Laser, NC press brake machine, welding,…
Invest in modern production techniques to ensure a premium service with competitive price;
Provide full service from design to production. In addition, there are others, including: repairs, polishing, and new equipment, mold to meet customers’ needs the best.
CHIMASA always focused on the needs of customers with firm commitments
About Us
Pressbrake Machine
CNC machines are ones using CNC technology. Machines manufactured by the famous technology Group in the world Bystronic-Swiss.
DNC powerful controller with 2D graphics display.
Display 2D and simulate the process of controlled seismic and collision processing.
  • Force: 100-160t
  • Length: 3150-4050 mm
  • Opened height: 465mm
  • The processing speed of the Y axis: 1-9.8mm /s
Laser cutting machine
Bystronic CNC cutting machine is used to cut materials by laser. This is the most advanced cutting technology in the world. It is produced by the famous industrial Group in the world- Bystronic-Swiss.

Cutting speed 12 m / s. 3048x1524mm of cutting margins.
The thickness of products can be cut up to 20mm.
Cutting thickness and materials:
  • Steel: 0.5-20mm
  •  Stainless steel: 0.5-12mm
  •  Aluminium: 0.5-8mm